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1 Day. 4 Workshops. 4 Speakers.


We believe in the transformative power of financial expertise to drive positive change. 

We're thrilled to invite you to our Virtual Conference — an event designed to offer expert insights and best practices, to enhance financial management and organizational efficiency within the nonprofit sector, hosted by Visionary Accounting Group.

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Event Timeline

10:00 AM


10:30 AM


Opening Keynote

Join the Founder of Visionary Accounting Group Germeen Guillaume for an inspiring welcome to Accounting for Good and a vision for the next chapter of the nonprofit industry.

10:30 AM


11:15 AM


Discover the Joy in QuickBooks Online!

In this session, QBO trainer and ProAdvisor Megan Tarnow will talk about key features for nonprofits, how to prepare for a migration, and when it might be better to start over from scratch.

11:15 AM


12:00 PM


Using AI for Good

Ever thought about leveraging AI to help operationalize your accounting workflows or improve financial reporting? Germeen Guillaume will return to the screen for an introduction into how nonprofits can use AI to streamline the accounting process.

12:00 PM


12:30 PM


Lunch Break

Grab a quick bite and come back for a fun & special presentation!


12:35 PM


Special Commercial

What does a a dating show, nonprofits, and accountants have in common? You'll have to join us to see!

12:45 PM


1:30 PM


Empowering Nonprofits: A Guide to Grant Readiness

Join us for an engaging session led by Sheleia Phillips focused on preparing nonprofits for successful grant funding. This workshop will cover essential strategies and best practices to enhance your organization's readiness to secure grants.

1:30 PM


2:15 PM


Form 990: Compliance, Communication & Storytelling

Explore the multifaceted role of Form 990 in nonprofit operations as Nonprofit Tax Accountant Nisa Cooley delves into compliance essentials and innovative storytelling. 

2:15 PM


3:35 PM


Q&A Panel

Sitting in on each presentation may leave you with some unanswered questions. Join our panel of incredible nonprofit industry leaders and get your burning questions answered.

3:35 PM


4:00 PM



The old nonprofit financial management playbook is no longer effective. We’ll end the day with actionable next steps your need to take to ensure your nonprofit is moving towards the future.



Event Registration 

Join us and walk away with new ideas that you can put to work for your organization right away. See you in there!

This event is for you if:

You're a Nonprofit Executive Director dedicated to elevating your organization's financial practices and maximizing its positive impact on the community.

You work in operations at a Nonprofit & looking to dive into financial strategies that will elevate your organization's efficiency and contribute to its overall success.

You're an emerging nonprofit professional, interested in learning about the intersection where financial expertise meets deep commitment to social impact.


Meet Our Speakers

GG - Headshot.png

Germeen Guillaume

Chief Visionary Officer,

Visionary Accounting Group


Megan Tarnow

Nonprofit QBO Expert,

DaisyBee Consulting

Sheleia Phillips.jpg

Sheleia Phillips

Nonprofit Grant Writer,

SMP Nonprofit Consulting


Nisa Cooley

Nonprofit Tax Accountant,

Open Books Accounting


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you work with us virtually?
    We communicate with you in many different ways including phone, email, text message (depending on your preference) and Zoom video conferencing, whatever works best for you.
  • How long does it take to get started?
    Our goal is to be efficient with your time and have you completely on-boarded within 30 days. During that time, we take the time to really understand your business. Full design and optimization of your accounting systems, policies and procedures, and reporting needs takes sixty to ninety days.
  • What can a controller do for my nonprofit?
    A controller provides management with assistance in financial decision-making from information provided by the accounting team. He or she manages all the accounting functions of the company, ensures the integrity of processes, procedures, implements and monitors internal controls, and provides timely, meaningful and understandable financial information and analysis.
  • What accounting software do you support?
    We exclusively work with QuickBooks Online accounting software. We leverage the features that would be beneficial to your business while also integrating 3rd party tools and applications.
  • Do I need an in house bookkeeper or accountant?
    No, we can become an extension of your company as a complete accounting department. However, you may choose to perform certain accounting functions in house. We will need to liaise with someone on your staff as the point person for the engagement but they do not need to have accounting skills.
  • Why should I outsource to Visionary Accounting instead of hiring a full time employee?
    An outsourced controller is a great option for a company that utilizes technology tools effectively to allow remote communications. With the evolution of technology, communication can be done effectively through the utilization of these web-based tools among the accounting and management team. There are also many benefits which include reduced cost…
  • Are there any setup fees?
    If your books are current, there’s no fee. If they require set up and/or clean up, we can help you update them for a one-time fee.
  • Do you provide audit and tax services?
    We focus on doing one thing and doing it right. We do not perform audits, reviews, and compilations, or provide opinions on your financial statements. However, we will assist and coordinate these functions with your current CPA to ensure that they have the necessary information to prepare these for you.
  • Do I need to be in a certain state to work with you?
    No, as a virtual firm we work with clients nationwide and utilize technology to make the process efficient and easy on the client.
  • Can we consult with you before we are up and running?
    Our services are best utilized for established nonprofit organizations making $1M+ in annual revenue.
  • Our finances feel messy, will you still work with us?
    Yes! We welcome mess and will help you sort out your finances and create an organized and seamless process.

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