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The Price of Sacrificing Your Nonprofit's Well-being

Burnout. Toxic Work Culture. High Turnover Rate.

That is the price of sacrificing your organizational well-being by maxing out your employees. Is that a price you are willing to pay? Every relationship requires a little give-and-take, so you expect nothing less when bringing on/ managing a team to support your organization. Your people can only give so much and there’s a point where a paycheck isn’t worth the exchange for mental, physical and emotional health.

So, it’s time for a reality check. How is your organization holding up?

Under the pressure from Covid-19 and skyrocketing unemployment rate, we’ve seen giving decrease across, the board. Smaller non-profits are left with a skeleton crew working overtime. Even if your organization has been able to maintain unscathed, the stressors are great—and greater in the non-profit arena than most other verticals. We have to work hard for those dollars, make funds stretch, cater to funders and maintain accountability to continue to receive funding. Everything comes at a cost—even managing that income. Don’t sacrifice your employee’s well-being by requiring too much from them. Bring in a team that can help you get control of your financials, so funding doesn’t suffer, and your team can operate from their strengths.


Your people are doing too many things that are outside of the zone of genius, scope of work, or job description. If everyone is leaning in, there is no counterbalance. Burnout sacrifices your organization’s well-being in a way that might compromise the organization in its entirety. If your team is burnt out, specifically your finance person, you cannot easily report on how funds are being stewarded, it’s possible funds are being mis-managed, you don’t have the oversight you need, and it’s probable you’re out of compliance on grant requirements as well.

Toxic Work Culture.

So many things are falling apart. But that is not all. As a result of the daily pressure cooker of burnout, you notice a toxic work culture erupting at the office. At some point, it becomes exceedingly difficult to ignore. Not-for-profit veterans know it all too well. Over-worked. Under paid. Doing too many jobs. Doing other people’s jobs. The standard complaints become personal and before you know it, you’re losing valuable team members.

High Turnover Rate.

Maintaining employee satisfaction should be a goal for your nonprofit. Ultimately, when team members feel like their needs are not being met, they begin to seek employment elsewhere. This can bring down the organization’s morale and put you in a tight spot of having to abruptly fill a role. Your attention gets diverted to the hiring cycle and pulled away from managing the day to day operations.

Break the Cycle.

Invest in the Now. Empower your people to be their best selves. Encourage a healthy work-life balance. Establish a tolerable, dare I say favorable, environment. Employ your team in their strengths. The shift to remote work has increased the talent pool and your options for hiring the right staff. The finance team is often the most overlooked and can be a pain to staff skilled and qualified people. This doesn’t mean that the right set up for your organization doesn’t exist. This shift we are all experiencing reinforces the benefits of outsourced accounting. This is an alternative your organization can benefit from in order to reduce burnout and break the cycle of overworked and underpaid.

If this sounds familiar, your mission is suffering. Burnout, toxic work cultures, and high turnover rates can result in lower or diminished funding if your accounting is not airtight. The people that you are serving, those beneficiaries, are they reaping the benefits from your organization? Is the community prospering because of your work and promises? Is your organization able to report on how funds are being stewarded? How are you maintaining the confidence of your funders?

When you are in alignment with your organizational goals, and fulfilling the mission set before you, you will reap the benefits. The people who are working with you to see that mission come to fruition want to get behind the organization and put their skills to use to further the cause. As human beings, finding meaning and value and fulfillment in work is invaluable.

Your community needs you. Your staff relies on you. Your funders and donors must trust you.

We offer financial controller services. It’s our strong suit. Let us operate in our sweet spot and enable you and your team to do the same. Book a call today.


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